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This message follows up on the subject of slow down flaps (pasted below).

I finger adjusted the knurled needle valve coming off the hydraulic manifold located midline behind the gear box.  I opened it fully and exercised the flaps with good demonstrated down action.  I then closed the valve to a degree I thought represented a balance between speed and action.  I went flying and found the wind under the wing made the flap speed too slow.  I landed, adjusted again to something faster, went back up and tested but still a bit slow (especially compared to on the ground speed).  So I landed, opened the valve to its fullest amount, and the flaps rapidly go down on the ground and behave appropriately in the air.

Problem solved, but I suspect there is something with the linkage (8 years old since installed) and will open it up at the next annual for a closer inspection along the entire mechanism.

Jeff L

From: jeffrey liegner <>
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Subject: LIVP: Flaps DOWN very slow, normal speed UP, gear fine
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 06:47:20 -0400
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I just noticed my flaps down speed is slow: VERY SLOW.  Flaps up moves briskly.  Gear cycles perfectly fine.
During flaps DOWN, the hydraulic will cycle every five seconds to charge the system, and full flaps down takes one minute or more.
It's been 13 years since I installed that system.  I'll be pulling the manual and reviewing the plumping.
I believe the needle valve manifold adjusts the flaps UP speed.
Any suggestions before I start?  Most common cause of this?

Jeff L
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