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i was behind with my mail and got to thinking that there is more to tell about the ballistic parachute install.

the problem is that the install is so far aft that your CG goes to hell and your plane becomes a two seat airplane.
there is a solution.
                         the 4P was just sold, and the new owner wanted to use the plane as a 4 seat airplane with baggage.
Matthew Collier was able to move the CG forward by four inches. He does a lot of "re-engineering" but this one really astonished me.

the result was a four seat airplane.
batteries, gear pump, A/C and more were all moved far forward. Talk to him, he is better than good.
SO, i suggest the following:

look at the worst case situation in loading:

4 persons
110 gallons fuel
Ballistic Chute
60 pounds of baggage

set your gross weight at 3,850 pounds
                                                              and speak to Matthew on how to keep your CG in range

my point about the gross weight is that you may never need it, but it will give you some solace to keep know that you can load the plane is a safe manner

as a final thought, look at the Fibercraft Safety Wing.

i put VG's on my 4P  (they cost $289.00 delivered)


Subject: question about lancair IV
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:15:32 -0500

Hi Peter,  Iím a Lancair building and I noticed a post of yours on December 1, 2014 mentioned a Lancair IV that had sold with a ballistic parachute.  Is that a typo or is there a ballistic parachute available for the IV?  Thanks and have a great day,  Joe Trepicone.

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