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Thanks Carl, yes, I’d sure appreciate learning more about what material was used in yours, any special application techniques on acrylic, and who did the work.


Thanks again,





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Some 13-14 years ago I heard about a new, expensive gold film that could be applied to aircraft windows to cut down on internal heat.  The only place that I could find to get it installed was at Van Nuys, CA so I flew out from OH to have it done.  It cost me about $1700, as I remember.  The first thing I noticed was that it seemed to reduce the interior heat by ten degrees or so.  Noticeable, anyway, to  my wife and me.  The second noticeable effect was that my vision through it was improved in hazy conditions.  That was/is easy to discern because, not quite trusting the product to have it installed directly in my line of vision (the runway environment) I had it cut in a wide arc in front of me, leaving a 6-8 inch band above and to the sides of the windshield,  and that lets me compare viz through it or not.


It has been very durable but, of course, I’m careful with it.  I would install it again.  If you are interested in it let me know and I’ll research my records for you.


Carl La Rue

2200 hours on LIV-P N299KT






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Why do you want to do this?  Not a criticism, just a question.


What I have found to be extremely valuable is a canopy shade that allows me to control the amount sun that comes in.


D. Brunner




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We’re looking at applying ultraviolet and infrared filtering films on our Legacy’s canopy.  Not looking to darken it since the canopy has some tinting in it already -- though, looking to filter as much UV and IR as possible.  There are several products from 3M, Llumar, and others with these properties used on cars and glass windows every day.


Has anyone one applied any window tinting or other films to their acrylic windows?  How did it work out or not?


Kim at Lancair is checking with their acrylic window vendor to see what UV and IR filtering properties their acrylic windows already have. 




Valin Thorn

Legacy Project



BTW, Paul and Marv, this is an example of a question that applies to all Lancair aircraft types.  We could use a category on for these kinds of general topics, questions. 





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