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From: John Cooper <>
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Subject: Re: [LML] Re: update
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 07:12:01 -0400
To: <>

I used to have the same problem keeping track of my all my passwords until a friend suggested using 1Password . I bought and installed it, and now all I have to remember is the master password - the program remembers all the others. Try it, you'll like it.

Re: [LML] Re: update
Douglas Johnson <>
10/8/2014 10:00 AM

I find it a bit of a pain to use: keeps asking me for a username/password combo every time I try to enter (which means I have to drag out my list of 300 passwords to look up). I have gotten used to the mail posts over the years. The new site might be great once you get in there, but for me it is "out of sight, out of mind." Perhaps I am doing something wrong...

Douglas Johnson MD

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