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Hey gang,


I was having the same problem -- was used to emails coming in for the LML.  As suggested, I clicked on the “Subscribe” link at the bottom of each topic area I wanted an email notification for and set my browser for auto login.  This is the way to go…  Then you have the email traffic like the LML but with all the benefits of an online Forum.





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Hi Everyone,


How much is the traffic divided between this list and the new site?

I’ve recently gone over to the new site and it is way better. The bulletin board layout is far better suited to what we need than a mailing list (imho). This is especially so if a post contains photos or documents.


I have however posted over there about a worrying problem with apparent fuel vapour in one of my wings and not yet had any replies. Maybe it is early days, it is less than 24 hours, but if anyone is interested, the post is here:


Or should I repeat the post here?







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Subject: [LML] update


Hello my fellow LML'rs....


Many of you have moved over to the new site and Paul was swamped
for awhile but has now caught up again.  We reached a new high of 56 users online
yesterday and there are some terrific photos being uploaded and I invite you
to upload a pic of your project and yourself to introduce yourself (again), if you haven't done so already.

User names on the new site are your real name.  So, my name is "Marv Kaye"
and Paul's login name is "Paul Miller".   If you forget your user name try
your real name and your password can be reset online.   If you have any
problems write and Paul will take care of the new site
while I continue to work with the LML for as long as required to get the changeover completed.  If you haven't switched yet just send your first & last name to along with your type of Lancair (guests and vendors welcome too).  You will receive an email from Paul with the login details.    We have 260 switched so far and about 520 more to go so keep up the good work.

Thanks to all of you......




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