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Posted for Joshua Friedman <>:

> I have the same problem with it.
> Josh
> Joshua Friedman
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> On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Douglas Johnson <>
> wrote:
>> I find it a bit of a pain to use: keeps asking me for a username/password
>> combo every time I try to enter (which means I have to drag out my list of
>> 300 passwords to look up). I have gotten used to the mail posts over the
>> years. The new site might be great once you get in there, but for me it is
>> "out of sight, out of mind." Perhaps I am doing something wrong...
>> Douglas Johnson MD
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>> On Oct 8, 2014, at 7:30 AM, Nick Long <> wrote:
>>  Hi Everyone,
>> How much is the traffic divided between this list and the new site?
>> I’ve recently gone over to the new site and it is way better. The bulletin
>> board layout is far better suited to what we need than a mailing list
>> (imho). This is especially so if a post contains photos or documents.
>> I have however posted over there about a worrying problem with apparent
>> fuel vapour in one of my wings and not yet had any replies. Maybe it is
>> early days, it is less than 24 hours, but if anyone is interested, the post
>> is here:
>> Or should I repeat the post here?
>> Yours,
>> Nick
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>> *Sent:* Tuesday, September 23, 2014 3:38 PM
>> *To:* Lancair Mailing List <>
>> *Subject:* [LML] update
>>  Hello my fellow LML'rs....
>> Many of you have moved over to the new site and Paul was swamped
>> for awhile but has now caught up again.  We reached a new high of 56 users
>> online
>> yesterday and there are some terrific photos being uploaded and I invite
>> you
>> to upload a pic of your project and yourself to introduce yourself
>> (again), if you haven't done so already.
>> User names on the new site are your real name.  So, my name is "Marv Kaye"
>> and Paul's login name is "Paul Miller".   If you forget your user name try
>> your real name and your password can be reset online.   If you have any
>> problems write and Paul will take care of the new
>> site
>> while I continue to work with the LML for as long as required to get the
>> changeover completed.  If you haven't switched yet just send your first &
>> last name to along with your type of Lancair
>> (guests and vendors welcome too).  You will receive an email from Paul with
>> the login details.    We have 260 switched so far and about 520 more to go
>> so keep up the good work.
>> Thanks to all of you......
>>   <Marv>
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