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I'm withholding judgement for now.
I too live on my email so I tend to see everything that comes in and and sort it efficiently.  Also can easily save off things I might need in the future.   On the other hand, the new site has a lot of advantages and is much cleaner/neater.

I do see, though, that there appears to be a lot on the website that is not showing up on the LML.  I had had the impression that the two forms were going to run in parallel.    ...but now that I think about it, it would be a hard thing to pull off technically.   It would be good with Marv or Paul would say explicitly how the two methods interact.


On Oct 8, 2014, at 11:00 AM, Jim Nordin wrote:

The requirement of a password is Ė well frankly Ė a PIA. Iíve reset mine more than once. Itís not important from a safety/privacy point of view IMHO but adds to the complexity of just getting information about Lancair stuff. I guess having passwords etal keep spammers from emails to all Lancairians. AND, to help, the system apparently remembers the last passwords and ids you used. Saying that, the ID is wrong so I have to change that to login. When I try to change my id, something changes back to the wrong one. So I change my id and password in the boxes, Iím in!


The fact you can find things about your particular aircraft is good. But seeing over the years all that is said about the fleet of Lancair types is very helpful because problems in the fleet is not just with your type but perhaps endemic with all types. Autopilots, bellmouth intakes, tank sealer, tire issues, static ports and the list goes on for hundreds.


Itís a nice site, commercial looking, and terrific if you are looking at your type only or have a specific subject to look for Ö searching is certainly improved although when I made a search of bellmouth, nothing came up Ė maybe there werenít any. But searching Evolution did show a bunch of hits.


Obviously I donít use it much as I just want my email.


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I find it a bit of a pain to use: keeps asking me for a username/password combo every time I try to enter (which means I have to drag out my list of 300 passwords to look up). I have gotten used to the mail posts over the years. The new site might be great once you get in there, but for me it is "out of sight, out of mind." Perhaps I am doing something wrong...

Douglas Johnson MD
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On Oct 8, 2014, at 7:30 AM, Nick Long <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,


How much is the traffic divided between this list and the new site?
Iíve recently gone over to the new site and it is way better. The bulletin board layout is far better suited to what we need than a mailing list (imho). This is especially so if a post contains photos or documents.


I have however posted over there about a worrying problem with apparent fuel vapour in one of my wings and not yet had any replies. Maybe it is early days, it is less than 24 hours, but if anyone is interested, the post is here:


Or should I repeat the post here?







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Subject: [LML] update


Hello my fellow LML'rs....


Many of you have moved over to the new site and Paul was swamped 
for awhile but has now caught up again.  We reached a new high of 56 users online 
yesterday and there are some terrific photos being uploaded and I invite you 
to upload a pic of your project and yourself to introduce yourself (again), if you haven't done so already.

User names on the new site are your real name.  So, my name is "Marv Kaye" 
and Paul's login name is "Paul Miller".   If you forget your user name try 
your real name and your password can be reset online.   If you have any 
problems write and Paul will take care of the new site 
while I continue to work with the LML for as long as required to get the changeover completed.  If you haven't switched yet just send your first & last name along with your type of Lancair (guests and vendors welcome too).  You will receive an email from Paul with the login details.    We have 260 switched so far and about 520 more to go so keep up the good work.

Thanks to all of you......


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