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Subject: Re: [LML] Re: update
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2014 10:59:02 -0400
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I almost hate to comment, since I'm "just an RV guy", but... :)

What I've found is that while email lists are bothersome
and "in your face", because they flood your inbox with
emails, I tend to live on my inbox.  When pushed to use
forums, such as for RV's,, I often go
a week, and probably even more often, a MONTH or on some
forums many months between logins.  I do agree that they
are easier to use for searches, nice for posting pictures
and compiling lots of info, and things like that.  What they
aren't good for, is getting high levels of participation
from some busy folks, and getting immediate questions
answered.  If you're out in the garage building on a saturday
and have a question you need answered a.s.a.p., an email
list gets you an answer in minutes many times.  A web forum?
Well, you'll have to wait until the guy with the answer
has time to sit down and start browsing the forum.

So there's an upside and a downside.  As for LML, I really
enjoy your discussions, and I follow the emails all the
time.  But, while I've actually registered on the forum,
I haven't actually even logged in to look at posts, and
I've been registered for a couple weeks now.  That's the
difference between email lists and forums for me.
Like you said "out of sight, out of mind".


On 10/8/2014 9:00 AM, Douglas Johnson wrote:
I find it a bit of a pain to use: keeps asking me for a
username/password combo every time I try to enter (which means I have to
drag out my list of 300 passwords to look up). I have gotten used to the
mail posts over the years. The new site might be great once you get in
there, but for me it is "out of sight, out of mind." Perhaps I am doing
something wrong...

Douglas Johnson MD
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