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From: John Cooper <>
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Subject: Re: [LML] [LNC2] Cabin Noise
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 08:55:07 -0400
To: <>
I borrowed a set of Lightspeed Zulus and made a test flight today in my L-235. The noise level was much lower, but the readability was still unacceptable. I had to say "say again" twice to the tower because I couldn't understand what the controller was asking me to do.

That being the case, I intend to forget about the Garmin Virb recording my comments and disable the Intercom function on the ICOM IC-A210 radio. In the future, the Virb will only record the conversations between me and ATC. Safety of flight is more important that the engineering data I am dictating into the camera.

The guy who loaned me the headset told me that he flies his C-172 with foam earplugs in his ears as well as the Zulus. Does anybody else do that?

Thanks to all those who contacted me privately--


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