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Lancair Newsletter March 2005
March 2005
From the President’s Desk
Joe Bartels

I remember being at the Lancair tent during Oshkosh of 1992 and asking Kim & Steve Lorentzen about the Lancair IV. I knew that I wanted one, but I had lots of questions about the kit including, "Can you get insurance on the IV and how much is it?" That question is one that we continue to hear on a daily basis. We all have a lot invested in our Lancairs and we want to be protected from the unexpected. How do we do it at a reasonable price?

In order for our customers to enjoy the benefits of insurance at a reasonable rate, we must provide the insurance companies with information that they can use to properly rate our current fleet of aircraft. You may have already been contacted by Kimbra Ong or one of our other employees who are in the process of updating our customer records. We need information on the type of kit you own, whether you are flying or still building, if you are flying, how many hours you have accumulated to date, your total number of hours as a pilot, your ratings, and whether you have attended the mandatory Lancair training seminars? This information will be turned over to the underwriters of several insurance companies to determine an appropriate premium for the risk our fleet may represent. This is a good first step. In case you have not been contacted, you can download the insurance questionnaire at If you have not received the Lancair training provided for our Lancair customers by Pete Zaccagnino or David Hickman, please sign up for our next training seminar or for individual flight training at

Another element of our strategy to obtain affordable insurance is to offer the insurance company an inspection program on the aircraft already built and flying. The underwriters are calling Lancair and asking us to report as to the condition of the aircraft which is being presented for coverage. We are obligated under this program to inspect your aircraft for a reasonable fee and to report back our findings. This is not totally unlike a marine survey on a ship that is seeking insurance coverage as well. Should you require an inspection as part of your application for insurance, please contact me directly at

Finally, for those of you still building, while you are the manufacturer of your own aircraft, our engineers will assist you in looking over any proposed modification you may wish to perform. If your modification is one which would jeopardize insurance coverage, we can know immediately rather than finding after your airplane is flying.

Lets keep those Lancairs flying safely!

Unleashed Update
Scotty G., Lancair Customer

Hello Crew Members and Unleashed fans! Just a quick update on the program for Reno 2005. As of a few days ago, Michael Luvara of RCAT Systems installed a good portion of his telemetry/data logging system. RCAT Systems and Unleashed are working together with this new system to get the bugs worked out for his serious customers. It's nice to have some data logged and transmitted back down to the ground computer. This system will not only make testing and modifications easier, it will make my racing in September much safer with the crew being able to watch the systems while I concentrate on getting passed. I mean passing!

We made four test flights during the three day install, and so far so good. We have several parameters up and running now, and will have the remainder in the next several weeks. Overall, I think we are all pretty excited about the system. Michael's brother, Chris, also came down and pitched in with the work. I gave both of them some flight time in the airlplane, and although my CFI is expried, I tried to make their stick time worth it.

The next project on the horizon is... (Please, sit down first...) A new cowl and paint scheme... No, I'm not made of dollars. We're doing this on the cheap. *Very* cheap. Chris Zavatson of Woodland, Ca., is going to make a new cowl, scoop, engine plenum,†diffusers and air boxes. He made a set for his own airplane, and brought his tempertures down while increasing speed about 7 knots. He thinks I'll get a lot more than that, but 7 knots is fine by me! The neat part is that he offered to do it for cost. (Chris; thanks, buddy!) Aircraft Spruce also threw in a discount..!

Right now, Unleashed has too much cooling air running through the cowl, and Chris's cowl will cut that down, and allow the oil cooler duct to be removed from the entire setup. Less drag is the net benefit. Mo speed, baby!

Because of the cost of the Shade Shifter Purple (you have *no* idea how expensive that stuff is...), it makes more sense to me to sand down the fuselage and repaint it in a racing scheme that I designed. It's a lot more work. A lot... But cost wise, it will be about the same as just painting the new cowl in white and purple. It seems to me we might as well do it the way we want it, eh?

So, those are the major programs on the near horizon. Lots of work to be done before it gets hot here in the desert. If anybody wants to pitch in with sanding, I'm supplying the pizza, food, beer and CD player. Bring your favorite tunes!

Other projects that will happen before Reno include new pistons for the Gerbil Motor. (Hey, Mustangs have the Mouse motor, the Griffon is the Rat motor... I figure I have a Gerbil Motor...) We're currently running speeds around 225 mph on a course. That's about 25 mph short of my goal for Reno. The new cowl and pistons will undoubtedly make a speed difference. Inflight USA magazine, a current sponsor, has committed to paying for our Pylon Racing Seminar costs, so some things are coming together quite nicely. You think Reno happens in September? No way! I'm already racing, and it's only January!

Another front I am working on is seeking sponsorship from GAMI, Monster Energy Drink, Rockstar Energy Drink, and PPG for the paint. If any of you have ideas about this, or the time to help write the proposals, please feel free to let me know. We also have Kristine Volk writing a three part story on my becoming a race pilot. She'll visit me in PHX around Feb 5 to begin the interviews. We're going to shop the story to Flying, Sport Aviation and Plane and Pilot magazines.

On a similar note, Neil Deiter of Asylum Productions is readying our tv program for a pitch to several networks, the real target being Discovery. We should be able to see some footage from the pitch piece in the next few days. Needless to say, the television and print media exposure would be a major feather in our cap, and allow us to attract larger sponsors for this years' efforts. Please keep your fingers crossed. For you west coast types, look for Unleashed to be on the cover of the next Inflight USA issue, and a feature article inside. Thanks to Chris Luvara ( and Randy Goss for the photos.

I want to take a minute to thank you guys for your support, enthusiasm and contributions up to this point. I am taken back by the unwaivering support and friendship you have given me. I am truly the luckiest guy alive. I've already asked certain people if they would be interested in helping sand the airplane in prep for paint. To a person (except you, Chris L! Lazy goat!), the instant response was, "When and where. I'll be there." I fully expected people to beg off and schedule root canals for those days. (I would understand that, too!)

Thank you all—I apprecaite your support more than you know. (And Chris, you know I love ya, man!) Photos by Scotty, Mike and Chris. Bill Pearce; thanks for the photos from Nellis! To see more on Unleashed, please visit Take care, fly safe, and push the power up!

Scotty G
Dago Red Unlimited Air Race Team
Unleashed Sport Class Air Race Team

Lancair Technical Updates
From Justin Hawkins
For customers who have purchased existing Lancair 235 or 320 kits, if the manual has been misplaced or if you are unsure if all the text is there, you can purchase a replacement manual.

The Lancair Legacy updated manual has been posted to the Lancair website as of 1-19-05.  All revisions and any changes to the manual can be downloaded.  If you want a physical copy, take the downloaded file to a print shop to have it printed to the 11x17 manual sizes.

If you would like to order a revised copy of the complete Legacy manual without the binder, the cost is $125.00.  Call or e-mail Kim Lorentzen, or Emily Nelson, to order. 

The Lancair ES updated manual will be released at Sun-N-Fun. The Lancair IV manual is in the works and will be released later this year. We will keep everyone advised to the progress via AirMail.

If you have had your kit a while and question if the strut should be re-built, do this simple test before calling Lancair.  Take 2 pieces of sheet metal or aluminum, approx 12” x 12” and put grease between them. Push down on the tail of the plane to lift the nose off the ground.  Slide the 2 plates under the nose wheel. Gently rotate the wheel on the plates. The wheel should rotate smoothly with a constant dampening force of around 20-50 ft-lbs.  If it rotates with hesitation, binding, or “dead spots” (dead spot is an area of no dampening caused by air) then your strut is not OK.  You may first service your strut to see if you can remove any dead spots.  If it continues, then it is our recommendation that you return your strut to Lancair to have it rebuilt.  Call me to arrange return and re-building of your strut.

Make sure to read the Service Bulletin that Lancair issued in August 2003 as well.

Lancair IV/IV-P/Propjet Main Gear Doors:
We have revised the Lancair IV/IV-P/Propjet main gear door assembly. You will find the attached file very helpful. Photos are included in the attachment to use as a reference.

Air Induction Kit
The air induction kit, PN# 4867-A, $550.00 was developed for the IO-550 engine a couple of years ago. The attached file will answer any question you may have on how this kit is installed.

L2K Rudder Bracket Upgrade
From Engineering
These parts will upgrade the rudder bell crank to work correctly without wobbling.

To upgrade your Legacy Rudder Bracket, you will need the following parts: (Instructions to come)

Part# Unit Price Quantity Ext’d Price
4652 $35.00 1 $35.00
6381K412 $1.30 1 $1.30
AN310-4 $0.44 1 $0.44
AN4-12 $0.31 1 $0.31
AN960-416L $0.03 2 $0.06
AN970-4 $0.09 2 $0.18
MS24665-132 $0.05 1 $0.05

There is a pre-made assembly: Part# 800-0013 for $110.
Click here for more information.

Just a Reminder...
Many new Lancair builders and flyers are never properly welcomed due to lack of notification. They also never receive service bulletins, newsletters, or important updates regarding their new plane because they are not even listed in our system. If you have sold or are planning to sell your Lancair, please contact us. We will send you the necessary paperwork for transferring your file, and will contact the new owner. Understandably, many of our customers balk at the mention of “paperwork”, but the necessary evil consists only of two forms. The Bill of Sale is a legal document, and is required for the transfer of ownership.  In some cases, this formal document is not in the form of the FAA Bill of Sale. A statement of  release/sale by the owner of the plane including his/her signature is sufficient. For the new owner, a Resale Agreement is the only form required. This is not a legal document, and is quite simple to fill out. If you have questions on the serial number or original owner, just call Lancair and ask for Emily Nelson (ext. 120). Lancair is glad to help with the transfer, and we’ll try to make it as quick and painless as possible. Thank you for your help in this matter, and we look forward to working with many new customers!

For help with your transfer, contact:
Emily Nelson
Customer Service
541-923-2244 ext. 120
541-923-2255 Fax

From the Hangar
John Lestelle

When preparing your plane for paint after you have flown for some time in primer you should wash the aircraft completely with scotchbrite and comet cleanser. This will remove any surface contaminants before sanding. Only use comet because it does not leave a residue on the surface. You should wet sand the primer with 400 grit sandpaper before applying topcoat of finish color. If you need to re-prime areas or the entire aircraft you can over-reduce the primer by 20% to act as a sealer. This coat also needs to be wet sanded before topcoat application with 400. Some people say 320 is enough, but 400 leaves a smoother surface for the paint. The smoother the surface the better the finished product will look.

About Our Aircraft Wiring Harnesses…
From Avionics

Saving time, convenience, and creating a safer flying environment were all important subjects that inspired us to offer an optional complete aircraft wiring harness with our panels.

Custom built for all our Lancair aircraft models, these harnesses come with a protective sheathing material to prevent damage to the wires from heat or chaffing. We use only the highest quality connectors and Mil Spec aircraft wire in the fabrication of each assembly. All connectors are clearly labeled for ease of placement as you route the harness through the plane. The highly flexible sheathing material makes fitting and installation easy. We provide detailed drawings of each aircraft showing recommended placement of all components within the aircraft. Through engineering and design, a standard harness layout was achieved to take the guess work out when it comes to where and how to install it. Also included in all harness packages are: Battery Cables and Coax Antenna Cables. To guarantee the highest quality assurance, all harness packages are tested and inspected before leaving the factory.

For more detailed information, contact our Avionics department.

From the desk of Kimberly Lorentzen
Customer Support & Service Manager

I have moved into a new position here at Lancair.  I will continue to assist in the sale of Lancair kits but my primary job will be Customer Support & Service. If you have any questions on accessories (prior to taking delivery of your kit), engines, propellers, firewall and engine Fastbuild options, and any other inquiries, please feel free to call me. Vern Pifer and Robert Nutter are still the contacts for Kit Components Inc. but if they are not available, please feel free to contact me. Emily Nelson will also be assisting me in the Customer Service Department. We have a great group of builders and this group has grown over the years, we feel that it is important to continue to serve our customers needs and listen to all comments and feedback in order to improve our customer relations.

There are a number of Lancair kits that have been sitting around for a while.  If you need to jumpstart your project, consider bringing your kit back to Lancair and participate in the Builder Assist Program. If you are interested, give me a call and we’ll discuss your options.

As you know, Lancair with the help of Kimbra Guillot-Ong has been conducting an Insurance Survey for the past few months.  We have contacted a great many of our customers but there are still a few that we either left a message for or had a wrong number. If you have not filled out the survey, please contact Kimbra at 541-923-2233 or e-mail

The airshow season is fast approaching. The first big show of the year is just weeks away. Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland, FL is April 12-18th.  We will be hosting the annual Crawfish Boil once again.  This gathering is open to our vendors, Lancair customers as well as potential customers. Please RSVP by phone or email to Emily Nelson before April 1, 2005. This will help us plan for food and beverages.  Tickets will be at no charge to our customers and will be available at the Lancair tent. Once again, Lancair’s owner, Joe Bartels and Robert Williams will be behind the scenes cooking the delicious crawfish. We hope to see you all there.

There is an impromptu Ground School that will be offered by High Performance Aircraft Training, during Sun-N-Fun on Friday, April 15th. 10 participants will be required before this ground school can be confirmed. If you are interested please call David Hickman at 727-793-9302 or email

Thanks for all your feedback from the first issue of our AirMail newsletter. Please keep the comments and ideas coming.

Who’s Who at Lancair

Brett Frazier joined the sales team in February. A native Oregonian, Brett owned a Stinson for a few years.  Brett’s love for aviation brought him to Lancair but for the previous 20 years he has owned a 4-wheel drive shop, selling truck accessories and high end ski boats as well as having a MATCO tool franchise. You all are familiar with MATCO tools, I’m sure.  Brett is looking forward to meeting the Lancair customers at Sun-N-Fun. PS. For all the potential customers, bring your checkbook!

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