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AeroCraft Parts and Avionics
Lancair Avionics
Lancair Pre-purchase inspections
A note from Kimberly Lorentzen,
Sales & Marketing Manager
Welcome to Lancair's new electronic newsletter. The old style Lancair newsletter will no longer be published. We are now stepping up to the modern world with an electronic newsletter. This will be our new way to keep in touch with our customers, advising them on latest developments, technical and maintenance tips, new products, flight training and other Lancair related items. We're excited about this new publication and hope that all of you enjoy reading it as well.

For customers whose newsletter subscription was still valid when the last issue was released, please call or email Emily Nelson at before January 31, 2005 for a nice little gift as a token of our appreciation. If you have any questions about your previous newsletter subscription, we have a list of previous subscribers.

End of year updates
The 2005 engine and propeller prices are now in effect. We will be posting the new prices to the website as soon as they become available from the vendors. The cost of the engine and/or propeller is due in full before an order can be placed by Lancair. Freight charges are collect.

We would like to thank all the new customers that joined the Lancair family this last year. The builder assist program has been going strong and seen a number of completions in 2004. Larry Hayes, Charlottesville VA will be our first customer to complete the Legacy FG completion program. Larry will be flying after the first of the year.

A new face in the sales department is Mel Hill. Mel joined Lancair in the mid 1990's as a customer, building a Lancair IV-P. Mel had been assisting us part time in the technical department before moving into sales. If you have not met Mel, I'm sure you will be seeing him at an airshow next year. The sales department has been busy arranging the schedule for the 2005 airshow season. All shows and events will be posted on our website. Hope to see you there.

Lancair Maintenance
John Lestelle

For those interested in repairs or service on their Lancair, remember that Lancair can do Annuals, Maintenance, Condition Inspections and pre-Purchase Inspections. Contact John Lestelle for pricing and scheduling at (541)923-2244 or by email at I also have been writing a tips column on our web site. Be sure to visit it often for new additions at

Flight Training!
Mel Hill
Coming from a corporate pilot background I am always surprised to hear about pilots who complain about “having” to do initial/recurrent training. In the corporate world all charter pilots are required to have initial training before the first actual passenger flight, and usually recurrent training every six months. Why all the training? Well our brains and muscles and all the nerves that connect them can atrophy just like any other muscles do when we get out of shape. The correct action in an emergency is not always the same action required for normal flying. We can also program ourselves to take the corrective action in certain situations to avoid trouble. For example do you fly your patterns at 1,500’ above the airport elevation? Call to find out why we teach the 1,500’ pattern. Lancair offers flight training through High Performance Aircraft Training. Pete Zaccagnino heads up his Company’s training programs. Pete flies all over the world for a corporation. You can access further information on the web site Flight training will preserve your investment in all the other systems and equipment you spent time and money installing. Also please feel free to contact Mel Hill at or any of the other flight instructors who train for HPAT with any questions you have. We are always ready to help with the safe operation of your aircraft.

High Performance Aircraft Training will be offering the next Ground School & Recurrency Training Seminar in Sebring, FL on January 15th. The Ground School will be taught by Pete Zaccagnino on Saturday. Recurrency Training will be offered pre and post the Ground School date. The cost for both courses is $695. If you are just interested in Ground School the fee is $295. Recurrency Training can be done throughout the year but the fee structure is quite different. To register for either of these courses or to review the syllabus please visit

What’s new in Kit Components Inc. (KCI)
We have made some changes here at Lancair to our accessory division. Kit Components Inc. has introduced  a new division called AeroCraft Parts and Avionics. We’re excited about this new move.  We’re expanding our inventory to cover not only the Lancair kit customers but to the entire general aviation market as well. KCI is still the source for all of your Lancair needs and we recognize that you, our customers have made it possible for us to expand. The new website, has a category for Lancair specific items, the KCI Category. We are still working to add new parts and photos to the site. AeroCraft Parts is the name you will see at air shows like Oshkosh and Sun-n-Fun with a section dedicated to KCI parts. 

Lancair is our core business, but like our history shows, we are always trying to expand our customer base. We are also upgrading our inventory system for a better fit for the way we do business, externally and internally. The new software, once totally implemented, will allow quick updates to our catalog. Vern Pifer, is here for your customer support, along with Rob Nutter,

Now that we have explained the “parts” portion of AeroCraft Parts and Avionics, now let’s explain the “avionics” portion. This division is focused on manufacturing panels for non-Lancair aircraft and supplies to all kit builders and flyers. We are in negotiations with a multitude of companies that would like to be added to our Avionics division.

There is one more business we are expanding and that is the Composite Shop. This company is Innovative Composite Structures. This is a division of Kit Components Inc. In June we started looking for a new location for the Composite Shop, thus allowing for more room in our current airport location for inventory and the builder's assist program. The new building will also house a mold shop. Once the building is done, estimated completion is January, it will be 7,000 square feet and will allow us to take on new projects. Speaking of the new projects, our list of support in the composites field is growing. We have been manufacturing parts for other aircraft as well. Along with the aircraft side we currently have the plug for a LOLA type race car and are making the molds and delivering the composite components. Check it out at There are a lot of exciting things happening in our composites division and the other divisions as well.

We’re offering a 5% discount for orders over $100.00. This discount applies to orders placed online only. Go to for all your Lancair parts and supplies needs. This special is good through March 31, 2005

From AeroCraft Parts
Robert Williams
This new Push Pull Elevator Compensator replaces the rubber pressure boots on the pressurized Lancair IV-P and Propjets. This kit can be retrofitted to earlier Lancair IV-P and Propjet kits. This kit has been included in kits delivered after April 1, 2004. This will reduce maintenance since there are no boots that have the potential of tearing. The kit cost is $375 each, 2 are required. Part number is KEC0145. If you have any questions or if you would like to order this, call Vern Pifer or Rob Nutter at 866-659-2376 or save 5% and order online at (5% discount good through March 31, 05). Drawings of this kit as well as installation photos will be available after January 3, 2005.
(This is required if air conditioning is purchased).

A time to reflect from the doors of Lancair Avionics
Dave Santiago and the Lancair Avionics Family
First and foremost, we wish to take a moment to give thanks to all our customers. Not just for your business, but for all your feedback, comments, suggestions, and for having faith in us. We are grateful to all of you and will continue to provide to you the service, support, and the refined product that you deserve.

Lancair Avionics is strong and steadfast. We have an outstanding group of seasoned technicians and support personnel. With their bountiful skills and knowledge they are a dedicated and committed family who have and are continuing to elevate our business to
great heights and higher standards. We have a sincere wish to give our customers personalized service with a family atmosphere.

Because of the growing complexity and fast pace of the avionics industry, it can be a challenge to keep up with all there is to know (to say the least). However, we are meeting this challenge through constant research, evaluation, testing and improvements in both the product we offer and our services. In everything we do, our heart-filled desire is to provide to our customers the impeccable service everyone deserves and a superb product with unparalleled quality and workmanship.

It is true that we are here because of a love and passion for what we do. But we also know that we are in business because Lancair Avionics is a name you have come to know and trust. As we have in the past, we will continue to honor and uphold that trust.

Wear Lancair everyday
Dress up for the holidays with a classy Lancair microfiber shirt, or
keep comfortable with a sweatshirt or fleece. Customized winter coats make great gifts anytime-we can add your favorite Lancair pilot's name or "N" number to a jacket they'll wear with pride. We also offer a new waterproof adventure jacket, with an optional down insert to fight off the cold. For our future Lancair pilots, we offer the trendy "Hawaiian Tank", the western-style "Authentic: Since 1984" t-shirt, or the classic Lancair logo t-shirts. To view and order Lancair merchandise, visit our website ( and click on the "Merchandise" link. For questions on orders, please contact Emily Nelson at 541-923-2244 or e-mail at Happy New Year!

From the President's Desk
Joe Bartels
Welcome one and all to the initiation of our "E-Web Blast" newsletter. Lancair's previous newsletter was provided on a paid subscription basis. The reason of course was to cover the cost of printing and postage. Since most of our customers now have e-mail, it becomes much more effective to publish and send this newsletter via the internet and so we will now offer it without cost to you! 

By now I am sure you know that I have owned Lancair for approximately 2 years.  During that time I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of you at our various gatherings and have tried to apply that which you have offered as suggestions to the operation of Lancair. While many of you already know what we have changed, let me identify some those changes for those who may not be aware.

We now offer a complete builder's assistance program, at a guaranteed price, to help you from start to finish. While not for everyone, if you have the time, you will find that we can help you with the completion of your project.  Even if you don't complete the aircraft with us, you will learn valuable building techniques that will assist you in completing your project at home.

The builder's assist program also gave us the opportunity to learn what problems you, as builders, were experiencing at home. Some of what we learned caused us to re-engineer many of our parts, primarily for better fit.  We have incorporated some of the many things that we have learned into our construction manual and made such changes available on line in a PDF format for clarity and ease of downloading.  We have incorporated additional items into the fuselage fastbuild kit, such as the rudder cable guides, so that becomes a sub-surface item and is less likely to interfere with other structures during building.  We now offer a fastbuild hydraulic kit which consists of pre-bent and pre-flared hydraulic lines. We also have a fastbuild 35 gallon belly tank for the Propjet. There are so many other changes, I just cannot list them all now.

Our product line has also changed a bit. For instance, we now offer a 2-door ES and a Pressurized ES in addition to the ES that has for so long been part of our stable. For those of you who enjoy racing, we now offer a "Reno" version of our incredibly popular Legacy.

We have also tried to make it easier for you to purchase parts on line by offering our parts on a new web site, We hope that you will go to that site for the purchase of all of your aircraft parts needs.  If you don't see a part you want, ask for it!  We will meet any published price and extend any discount given to you by any other aircraft parts companies. 

We look forward to staying touch with our customers and continuing to serve you better.

Happy New year from Joe Bartels and the entire Lancair Staff

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