Mailing List Message #67366
From: Doug Lomheim <>
Subject: Racing Beat's "Power Pulse™ Presilencer"???
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2023 17:03:09 -0600
To: Rotary Motors in Aircraft <>

I’m curious if anyone has ever experimented w/Racing Beat’s Power Pulse Presilencer to quell the nasty roar from older 13B engines?  

I soon hope to begin work on my 1989 13B exhaust system, and I’m already planning on a a belly mounted muffler of some type, but in reading the Racing Beat information concerning their “pre-silencer”,  they make it sound like it is an effective way to tame the nasty supersonic pulses from an older 13B, and thereby increase the longevity of the muffler unit.   

Any thoughts?  



RV-9A / 13B     
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