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Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2022 21:45:49 +0200
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Ross PSRU with the 13 B adapter cowling.

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Le Roux Breytenbach 

On 30 Oct 2022, at 21:38, Marc Wiese <> wrote:

What psru is that in the pics?

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On Oct 30, 2022, at 2:24 PM, Le Roux Breytenbach <> wrote:

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Le Roux Breytenbach 

On 30 Oct 2022, at 21:04, Le Roux Breytenbach <> wrote:

Doug: Thanks for the “links” posted.
Good to have the basic concepts and designs - on hand.
I was also between two minds about “cooling my wankel” and have the book of PL. 
The basics must be done but fitting in the radiator as a side mount set-up was the most obvious for my 13 B
In my “set up” i have turned the motor ( 13 B ) 90 degrees with the plugs on top, and a side sump.
After cutting the proposed radiator out of foam to see how it must be mounted - i decided to mount it on top of the motor and not on the side.
There is enough space on top and i can cool it with ram air with a type of “bonnet scoop”. The same concept used in some pick up trucks intercooler set up.
Then the air must exit conventional style on the bottom before the firewall.
I am now on the stage to actually fit the radiator and then i can shape and build the cowling.
This is for my plans build Vision Ex aircraft.Yes nothing has been tested with this “cooling set up” but i enjoy the experimental world of aircraft.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome that is what the forum is all about.
I could be wrong - on my “gut feeling” on this concept.

Attached links to photos.

Le Roux Breytenbach 
South - Africa

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Le Roux Breytenbach 

On 30 Oct 2022, at 12:36, Erik Snyman <> wrote:

 May I also suggest the book by Paul Lamar called "How to cool your Wankel". I have no idea of where you can get it, or if it is still available.

Erik in Oz.

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