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From: Dale Rogers <>
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Subject: [FlyRotary] Fuel pump switches (was: mainfold hose)
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 17:36:35 -0500
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> I was interested in the switch idea on the fuel pump.  I have my auxiliary
> pump on a switch, but my primary pump runs as long as the master switch is
> on.  I was concerned about having a switch on the main pump that could be
> accidentally turned off in flight.  

> ...
> I may want to consider putting one on, though it would have to be located
> where it wouldn't get shut off accidentally.

   Only two practical methods of achieving that come to
mind - one is to ward the switch(es) with "ears"; and the
other is to mount the switch(es) in a recessed section of
your panel, such that nothing much larger than a finger
could get onto or behind the toggle arm.

   Warding is pretty easy.  Just buy some 3/4" aluminum
channel stock and cut off about an inch - you shouldn't
need more, you only have to ward one end of the throw, so
you can drill the hole for the switch shaft off-center
(lengthwise).  Rocker switches are a little more trouble,
as you have to cut a rectangular hole in the base of the
channel (and you'll have to buy wider channel.

   Of course, don't leave any corners on sharp edges to
snag things on (such as your hide).

   Another possibility is a variant of the fuel valves
used by Marc and Nadine Parmelee:

   I'm thinking of adding a cam-operated switch to each
control - valve open, pump is on; valve closed, pump is off.

Dale R.
COZY MkIV-R #1254

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