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I did a little MegaSquirt 3 research after Tracy's post. Charlie's been telling me for years he though the Megasquirt would be a good solution. It looks very usable for our application. The current firmware and feature set supports 4 rotor, 3 rotor, older 2 rotor and Renesis engines. For the Renesis using the stock trigger wheel, a secondary CAS for a second ECU can be positioned up to 20 degrees offset from the stock location. This is a current firmware limitation. Using a rotary compatible MegaSquirt wheel, each CAS position is fully programmable. They don't support an overall "Fuel Map Trim" feature using an external potentiometer. However they have a "Fuel Table Blending" feature that should accomplish the same thing. The MS3 supports two independent Fuel Tables and you can use an external potentiometer to adjust a bending of the tables. A balance would need to be achieved  allowing either controller to provide full rich fuel as well as lean cruise. My range would be 12.5:1 to 15.8:1. May be doable.

(love my EC3 but would like a second CAS)

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Bill, Tracy and others,

I should have added that I spoke with Ross about using his system on the rotary just last week so, I suspect his comment was accurate...unless he was juiced up on his morning coffee as I like to be!  I also suspect Tracy is making a very good point with the MegaSquirt system.  Challenging maybe, difficult sure, yet in no way impossible.  I worked in combustion at GM for over a decade and am an instrumentation specialist from my graduate school days in physical science so I have a few points of confidence to draw from.  Open source software has become a huge advantage to the RC users so, I suspect the same will be true with MegaSquirt despite that aviation is likely to represent a small segment for their audience.


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