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Hey Mark;

Basically, the economy, and time available.  Between avionics, and the rest, I would have been looking at another $40-$50k to finish, and with my airplane partner passing on, I just had to realize it wasn’t going to happen.  I still have the 20B, and everything you saw in the photos, with a possibility of taking over or starting another build someday.  Problem is, finding a simpler airframe that will take the horsepower this 20B can put out.  Included a couple pictures of the engine and the fan.  Any ideas?




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Sorry to hear that you're parting out your project.  I thought you were close to first flight.  What happened to make you decide on this route? 




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Hey All;

I’ve been parting out my Legacy, and here’s the scoop, with the radiator and oil cooler, ala P-51 specs.  It may be available, if the price is right.

Greg Ward

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