Mailing List Message #558
From: Tom Kendall <>
Sender: Marvin Kaye <>
Subject: 20B Cast Manifold ready
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 06:58:35 -0500
To: <flyrotary>
It's soup!

I've finally gotten a completed 20B manifold.  Looks like it's going to work

The design uses 3 runners (one per rotor), and leaves the space necessary to
use the stock "secondary" injectors and associated fuel rail.  There will
have to be some custom injector bungs and a rail mounted on the runners

The runners are on the centerlines of the rotor housings, and are to be 2"
aluminum pipe (2-3/8" OD).  The manifold has a shallow counterbore machined
in to take each of the runners and provide a weld / braze / JB Weld joint
(or even RTV if you provide adequate support for the runners).

The idea is to take the intake runners over the top of the engine to the
"cool" side where an intake plenum, throttle plate, etc. can live in peace.

I'm shopping around to see if I can get a production price down in the more
affordable range (like half... right now it would be over $500 per).

I can probably start shipping in mid- to late- winter for anybody

Tom Kendall

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