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Subject: Help !!!
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 18:27:33 -0500
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Hi, fellow rotary enthusiasts.....I finally got my EFI system wired up, and I am now attempting to hook up the last few items so I can start this thing up, make noise and scare the neighbors.  I took a few photos, and labeled the items in question....I don't know what these sensors and connections are or should be.  Any help would be much appreciated. It is a 1989 turbo model engine, if that helps.  I will send this message in two parts, so download times won't be so bad. Items one and two are just underneath the oil cooler. Item #1 is a small threaded sensor with two wires coming out of it.  Item #2 is Larger, and has two connectors at the end.
     In the second picture, Item #3 also has 2 wires. It is octagon in shape.
     Item #4 is a plug on the lower tube of the water pump. I thought this might go to the turbo, if one were installed?
     Item #5  Is a plug on the upper section of the water pump, next to the water temp sensor.  (I actually figured out  and wired the water temp sensor, all by myself).
     Item #6 is another sender of some type, with two wires coming out of it.
Thanks in advance for your assistance in identifying these items.  I know many of you have been there and done that.  sincerely, Paul Conner
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