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Subject: [FlyRotary] Re: Dumb intake question

Rusty, I have one of those intakes that I am not going to use (brand new).  I got it from Atkins.  Will sell it to you for half of what he is asking. ---- Actually I just took a look at the Atkins’ site and it is totally changed.  He doesn’t even mention aviation at all anymore.  He also is not selling a lot of the unique items he used to sell.   Looks like he is going ‘meat and potatoes’ engine parts.


The intake I have is very short and fits a 2 barrel TWM throttle body but I believe will also fit a Webber side draft carb.  I will take some pictures today at the airport, but in the mean time you can kind of see it in this early rendition of my intake.  A TWM throttle body with a pair of 72cc injectors (I also have an unused pair) would work well N.A. and be very light.  (I also have a matching racing air filter with adapter plate) – all you would need is the throttle body.  Will take pics today.


You can have my intake for $100, or you might want to take a look at the mazdatrix site,  they have a few new designs you may find useful.



PS- Somewhere, I know I've seen a short intake, that points straight out to the side, and uses a side draft carb.  I've been looking for that all morning, and can't find it now.  Can anyone point me to one of these?  I'm thinking it might make a good starting point for a left cheek intake.  Thanks. 


If Rusty is not interested in the injectors and the air filter with adapter plate, I am interested. I have the TWM 2-injector throttlebody. Any picures?  Thanks.  Paul Conner

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