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From: George Lendich <>
Subject: Re: [FlyRotary] Private P-Port Renesis
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 09:53:52 +1000
To: Rotary motors in aircraft <>

This seems to be an older photo.
George ( down under)
    Send us all the photos you have of that lite weight 2 rotor..............
Kelly Troyer
"Dyke Delta"_13B ROTARY Engine
"Mistral"_Backplate/Oil Manifold

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I did some maths on my single configuration and that compares well to Powersports figures and we both agree that 44mm is the optimum PP diameter.
My figures are 240hp (approx) at 7500 rpm - a bit higher with the renesis 10:1 rotors. So I'm looking for between 115hp and 125 hp with a take-off rpm of 7200 rpm. IMHO the PP is well worth consideration if power levels are borderline, as in my case with the single with weight considerations.
One of the chaps who was involved in Powerspart was on the other list and gave some great insight into their development work and their very small and light development of a 2 rotor which came out to a similar weight to an Al housing development - beautiful little engine. They used chrome molly (oven brazed) centre and end housings with a 12A crank - lovely work. I have a photo if anyone is interested. One thing about PL's site, the people drawn to it and a wealth of input, but not necessarily PL's.
Like Ed, I look forward to the 16X - perhaps a 16X single, if the power is right.
George ( down under)
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