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From: Ernest Christley <>
Subject: Re: [FlyRotary] Renewable Aviation Fuel
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 14:31:43 -0400
To: Rotary motors in aircraft <>
M Roberts wrote:
Companies, and countries can control something 2000 ft under ground. Grass clippings, sewage, and bacteria are not so easily controlled. Even if only half of our energy comes from these sources, it will force the price of conventional petroleum products down worldwide and end the monopoly of energy by the few. I'm sure the greenies will find something to hate about this too. They can jump up and down and scream all they want. It doesn't matter.
The "powers that be" WILL control grass clippings, sewage and bacteria.  Think about what will happen right now if you build a still to make a little ethanol in the form of whiskey.  In the US, Federal Marshalls will show up with axes and dynamite to rid the world of such a scourge, claiming that they are protecting the health of the whiskey drinking public.  That's the techonology of boiling a fluid. Marijauna was once a common weed that lined the banks of the Potomac.  Against all reason and common sense and with great expense, the politicians had it wiped from the face of America and to this day spends billions of dollars per year in an endless fight against the munchies.  Historians argue whether the move was more about hemp's economic threat to the timber industry, creating a jobs program for former prohibitionist or taking a racist swipe at Mexican immigrants, but it is clear that there was no huge Marijauna induced health crisis.

The politicians are all about control.  Arbitrary, vengeful, and expensive control.  Everything necessary to create your own fuel will be classified as a terrorist weapon of mass destruction, and it will be decided that the process isn't safe enough for mere mortals.  Try to get your hands on the efficient enzymes, and they will claim that you're preparing for biological warfare.  The part to be afraid of isn't that the technology is coming.  The scary part is someone will get a facade of a patent on a key component, that facade will get blessed by the FAA with a fiat declaration that the patented fuel is the only safe one available.  Then we will have exchanged our OPEC overlords for Patent Office manipulating overlords.  If we're lucky, the exchange will come with a case of bio-engineered Vaseline to make the process less painful.

Nawh!  I'm not bitter and cynical....much.

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