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From: Bill Bradburry <>
Subject: Coolant Water Pressure
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 11:42:05 -0400
To: <>

Ok, I recently upgraded my computer to Vista and had to download some software to get my camera to talk to it…So here are some pictures of my cooling install


Notice the bypass hole that you guys are talking about needing to plug.  This hole is in the housing which has been removed, so it is not a player.

The little rag you see on the oil line is a high tech way of checking for a leak. (I have one!)


The red wire is the air temp sensor for the air after the radiator.  It is on top of the fan.

Hoses are 1 ”  The temperature sensor was moved from the left side of the inlet to the top

But is reading temperature as it enters the engine after the radiator. (coolest place)


My overflow catch can.  I will be replacing this with a pressurized on as per Lynn’s suggestions in a previous post in order to introduce

An air cushion above the liquid under pressure so it will not be “locked”.


I am planning to try and put suction on the cowling at the exit with a leaf blower in addition to the prop blast and the small fan to see if an increase in

Air flowing will help.  I haven’t checked the sides of the radiator yet as I have been alone when running the engine….

All inputs appreciated.  I already know some things should be changed, so don’t hold back with the suggestions.



Bill B


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