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From: marc <>
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Subject: RE: [FlyRotary] 3rd Gen Oil Cooler-at cooler dims
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 21:06:42 -0400
To: <flyrotary>
Perry, and lists,
Got time to look at the fd coolers today before leaving for Florida.
Attached are 4 pics, hope they get thru. Here is the skinny:
FD oil cooler, drivers side unit, usa lh (93-95): 10.5" wide x 8" high x
1-15/16" deep, plus add welded on brackets to that. All units have a
built in thermostat on the bottom, as you can see. Face of fins on the
oil cooler is 8" x 5-3/4" high.
Tranny cooler (used on at fds on the passenger side, cooler has almost
identical construction, works at much higher pressures too-I think Mazda
uses the same unit in the fd R1 and R2 versions with different screw in
fittings for the 2nd oil cooler!): 10-1/4" w x 7" h x 1-15/16" deep,
face fins are 8' x 5-1/4" h.

I like the size of the units, and am considering an array of them as
necessary. You will find them badly bent up due to stone and debris
damage as they are down so low on the car.

Marc Wiese

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