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The bolt that gets left out on Tracy's adapter plate on the 20B application is the one the chain is hooked to in your picture.  There is a second one that doesn't line up with anything.  It is located on the plugs side, but as it was pointed out, you can make a bracket to fix that situation.  Long ago, I heard it suggested to weld an ear on top to line up with the top bolt on the 20B.  I haven't done that yet, but plan on doing it before first flight.  -- Mark S. 

I guess I was confused by all the discussion on the ACRE list about bell housings and figured I would need one.  I have mostly completed an intake and decided to let the turbo wait until phase 2, but still am building my belly scoop and doing the easy to solve sheet metal stuff.  I need to start learning about the redrive.  at one point someone was ready to try flying the electric prop on his plane and then, nothing more was said about it.
    here's the photo again.  I need to dig up the CD Bruce sent with the engine and find out what I actually bought. 
Kevin Lane  Portland, OR
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----- Original There is only one bolt on Tracy’s adaptor plate that does not go on the 20 rear housing, and that is at the starter position. No too tough to make a bracket the accept that bolt.

BUT, I don’t have that photo anymore; but I think Bruce put on a 13B rear housing – is that right, Kevin?


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