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No problem, Bill...If I prevented even one person from making the same mistake, I am very pleased.  Paul Conner
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From: William
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Subject: [FlyRotary] Re: a better running rotary

Thanks for sharing this,  helps prevent the rest of us from repeating it.
Bill Schertz
KIS Cruiser # 4045
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Subject: [FlyRotary] a better running rotary

I went out to the airport today and ran the engine up, did a quick full power runup and then went to the runway and took off and landed (back on the same runway).  Never ran better...matter of fact never ran this well.  What, might we ask made the dramatic improvement?  I call it reverse stupidity.  A couple of days ago, I went to a page on my MicroTech ECU handheld programmer that I had not previously viewed. It showed rpm and water temp. My engine monitor showed a water temp of 160 degrees F.  The ECU monitor showed a water temp of -24 degrees C. Not even close. To make a long story short, I had wired two monitors to one water temp sending unit. After running the engine, the ECU water temp climbed from -24C all the way up to -12C.  I disconnected the wire that went to the engine monitor, and the ECU water temp immediately went up to 60C.  Since the ECU varies fuel and timing based on water temperatures, it was unable to do it's job correctly with inaccurate water temp inputs.  The cold start enrichment also was not functioning, as the engine map's were supposed to start reducing mixture levels after reaching 50 degrees C.  It never saw those numbers, so it could not function properly.  Now, with the proper water temp inputs, it runs GREAT !!!  Cold start, warm up, idle through WOT is smooth as silk.  To think of all the time I wasted trying to program injector open times, etc on an ECU that was receiving improper water temp information.
     I should have known better than to connect two monitors to one sending unit, but I did it anyway. Just hoping others can learn from my mistake instead of making their own.
      Just when I had a custom made mounting plate made for the HA-6 carburetor I just purchased, the thing has to go and run like a swiss watch.  Murphy wins again.  Take care.  Paul Conner

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