Mailing List Message #18394
From: Russell Duffy <>
Subject: RE: [FlyRotary] Re: Bill Schertz's cooling analysis
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 19:00:13 -0600
To: 'Rotary motors in aircraft' <>

I will be looking forward to that data.  I don't know about the hug, but you've got a beer comming next time I see ya.

Hey, that's even better :-)  
So are you still deciding whether to use the WP136 pumps, vs maybe the bigger one (can't remember the number)?  I received the WP136 that I ordered today.  It's a beefy pump for sure.  It weighs 5 lb 2oz, where the Davies Craig (DC from now on) weighs 1 lb 11 oz.  Since I wasted all afternoon waiting for DHL to decide to reschedule my FJO O2 sensor for Monday (grrrrrrr), I didn't get to see how it would fit on the RV-3.  I think I could get two of them on there, easier than two DC pumps, but of course I don't plan any pump change until after it's flying again. 
Rusty (only need to add gas and oil, then turn key)  

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