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Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 01:23:04 -0400
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> Have you insured a minimum flow rate for the pump?  I'm not familiar with
> the Davies Craig controller, so I don't know what minimum rate it would
> allow.
Hi Rusty;
When I had the mag tube measuring flow rates, I neglected to measure the
minimum flow rate, but I did measure the current draw at .2 amps at min
flow. This is with cold well water in the system. As the sensor heats up
flow rate will increase.
I should have measured flowrate increase from min to max by putting the
sensor in a pot of cold water and bringing to a boil. This would have been
interesting. Unfortunately at this time I'm more interested in moving
forward with the installation and getting in the air.

> Also, your pics are GREAT!  I can't believe it's painted that well before
> flying.  Man, my RV-8 flew over a year before I got it painted,
> and the RV-3
> may never get painted.
Thanx. Due to environmental conditions up here, I wanted to have it painted
before leaving it outdoors, and I felt I should do it right, cause if I
don't have time to do it right the first time, when will I have time to do
it right the second time?

 I don't know if you have any RV experience, but I
> promise you'll love the way it flies.
I've had a little. Enough to know that I'm gonna love it!

S. Todd Bartrim
Turbo 13B rotary powered
RV-9endurance (FWF)

         "Whatever you vividly imagine, Ardently desire, Sincerely believe
in, Enthusiastically act upon, Must inevitably come to pass".

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