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Hi Paul,
sorry for the late answer....
I am answering also t o the next couple of posts that followed this one:
a) No Paul I didn't miss the 2 Mustangs - are they on any website? Not specifically about the EWP, but I also like Mustangs :))
b) Checked up on the TransAm. Seems to be a nice installation, but Al has a point, I would like to see some fullpower use, like road racing with road legal cars like the TransAm, to see wether it holds up with the heat there.
c) More convincing is always good! Please be so kind and send me whatever links you have! My e-mail address is on the way!
d) Mark has also a point IF the only means to hold the impeller is that set screw. I could see it on the TransAm site, but I certainly would hope there would be a key or spline to transmit the torque to the impeller.
e) On ACRE someone posted a list with WP and EWP makers.
Davis Craig gives 2000 hrs on the motor
Mezier 2500 hrs (according to the TransAm guy)
Stewart EMP Components gives 10000 hrs!!! and up to 55 GPM!! Anyone using a Stewart on their ride?    At least the hrs raise a warning flag with me! Such numbers are hard to proof or guarantee! The other two are more reasonable....
Again, if I see that it works I will give it some serious consideration when "my" time comes!
Thomas J.
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Hi, Thomas....perhaps you missed my previous post.  I know of two local Mustangs (driven on the street daily) that have been using EWP's for at least 3 years now. They are very pleased with them.
    If you don't believe me, check out   He installed an EWP in his TransAm and has been driving around in 100 plus degrees of heat with the air conditioning on high, and loves the pump. He said the pump obviously will outlast the stock water pump that failed on him.  If you need more convincing, please contact me privately, and I will direct you to many other internet sites that show satisfied EWP users in EVERYDAY DRIVING.   These pumps ARE being used for everyday driving, and the numbers are growing.  Paul Conner, 13b powered SQ2000 canard in Mobile, AL
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Subject: [FlyRotary] Re: EWP

With a RV-3 the zoom-zoom should be right on! :))
Agreed on the belts!
Though I do stand to be corrected!
As I said I want to learn as much as I can. If experience shows you guys are right with the EWP, by all means I will check it out too! Never said I refuse to learn - there are just a lot of things that don't make comon sense to me - which might make perfect sense to everybody else. I am just hard to convince.
Before I consider to put something into the air the first time, I would like to see some history on it somewhere else - don't see any EWP on cars yet as a means of regular cooling, except racing. I know they sell them aftermarket for that too now, but I don't see any longterm experience yet....
Maybe Dale still thinks I am just big mouthing, ....again I saw my share of near calls around helicopters for one part. New Design Tailrotorblades to be more efficient etc.  - Until they gave in after a few hours - the company that produced them doesn't exist anymore - and they where certified too....
I want to see things work for a good while before I consider using them in an aircraft....
Thomas Jakits
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Subject: [FlyRotary] Re: EWP

PS: Rusty, I never caught the plane you built, what are you flying?

RV-3B.  Zoom, zoom :-)
BTW, as to the belt subject.  I think the only thing you and I will be able to agree on is that you like them more than I do :-)
Rusty (off to finish the MRI installation from anti-heaven)

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