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From: Kelly Troyer <>
Subject: [FlyRotary] Re: EFI stuff
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 01:21:36 +0000
To: Rotary motors in aircraft <>
   Thanks a million .......My fuel system is now finalized.......The rest of the
group could do themselves a favor and copy as much of your  fuel system
as will work for their respective projects!! Very professional and well thought
out . The JPG's print out very well.
Thanks again,
Kelly Troyer
Dyke Delta/13B/RD1C/EC2

-------------- Original message from "Marvin Kaye" <>: --------------

> HI Kelly,
> No, I just accepted their 50psi number... our fuel pressure seems to run
> around 40-43psi (as set by the engine manufacturer) so even if they're off by
> -10% we'll be ok.
> I've saved the picture as several JPGs... it still might be hard to read,
> though, as the only print on it is very tiny. I hope you can piece it
> together so it makes some sense.
> (Kelly Troyer):
> Marv,
> Did you opt to pay the extra $20.00 per valve to have them flow
> and pressure tested for the exact cracking pressure ? Also can you
> resubmit your fuel system schematic in other than DXF which I cannot open ?
> Thanks,
> --
> Kelly Troyer
> Dyke Delta/13B/RD1C/EC2
> -------------- Original message from "Marvin Kaye" :
> --------------
> > No problem, Kelly... sharing and solutions is what we're all here for. BTW,
> > the valves that I ordered are their part number 3156. It's a hard anodized
> > aluminum housing with -6 AN flares, looks just like a check valve. Difference
> > is that check valves typically have cracking pressures from .5 to 2 psi...
> > this one opens at 50psi (to work with an EFI system that operates at 45.) You
> > can find it three items down the middle column at the top of page 35M in
> >their
> > online catalog (better to download their complete PDF catalog, only about 7mb
> > and pretty quick on broadband). They've got _WAY_ too many cool things for
> > EFI to not include them in one's list of resources.
> >
> >
> >
> > PS... if you'd like to see the fuel system schematic I'm attaching a copy of
> > the DXF file for those of you who have some kind of cad capability... Need
> > to get out to the airport and find out why the gearbox oil pressure was
> > indicating zippo at the end of yesterday afternoon's run. Taxied the IVP
> > around Deland airport a bit late yesterday afternoon... woo-hoo, wish it were
> > mine.
> >
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