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From: Marvin Kaye <>
Subject: Re: [FlyRotary] Re: EFI stuff
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 19:29:40 -0500
To: Rotary motors in aircraft <>
HI Kelly,

No, I just accepted their 50psi number... our fuel pressure seems to run around 40-43psi (as set by the engine manufacturer) so even if they're off by -10% we'll be ok.

I've saved the picture as several JPGs... it still might be hard to read, though, as the only print on it is very tiny.  I hope you can piece it together so it makes some sense.

  <marv> (Kelly Troyer):

   Did you opt to pay the extra $20.00 per valve to have them flow
 and pressure tested for the exact cracking pressure ? Also can you
 resubmit your fuel system schematic in other than DXF which I cannot open ?
 Kelly Troyer
 Dyke Delta/13B/RD1C/EC2
 -------------- Original message from "Marvin Kaye" <>:
No problem, Kelly... sharing and solutions is what we're all here for. BTW, the valves that I ordered are their part number 3156. It's a hard anodized aluminum housing with -6 AN flares, looks just like a check valve. Difference is that check valves typically have cracking pressures from .5 to 2 psi... this one opens at 50psi (to work with an EFI system that operates at 45.) You can find it three items down the middle column at the top of page 35M in their online catalog (better to download their complete PDF catalog, only about 7mb and pretty quick on broadband). They've got _WAY_ too many cool things for EFI to not include them in one's list of resources. PS... if you'd like to see the fuel system schematic I'm attaching a copy of the DXF file for those of you who have some kind of cad capability... Need to get out to the airport and find out why the gearbox oil pressure was indicating zippo at the end of yesterday afternoon's run. Taxied the IVP around Deland airport a bit late yesterday afternoon... woo-hoo, wish it were mine.
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